Raw conversations with practitioners from the worlds of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and data science.

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    Episode 11: Psychology and Neuroscience in Data Science with Francisco Javier Carrera Arias

    Francisco Carrera Arias, B.S. is currently a data scientist/analyst for MotionPoint Corporation and a research assistant for the Clinical Systems Biology group at Nova Southeastern University. His current work entails performing a variety of data analyses to better inform business decisions as well as using discrete logic to analyze complex biological regulatory networks for the purposes of identifying and simulating treatment courses for chronic illnesses such as Gulf War Illness.

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    Episode 10: Linguist turned Data Scientist with Matthias Raess

    Matthias, a linguist turned data scientist, finished his Ph.D. in May 2018 and is currently working as a Manager, Data Analytics at LiveIntent. In his day-to-day, he builds dashboards and models and runs analyses that drive business decisions and provide stakeholders with meaningful access to data. He enjoys empowering people with data by visualizing and analyzing various types of data visually and/or with statistical and machine learning approaches. He is an avid R/RStudio/RStudio Connect user.

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    Episode 9: Diving Into Data Engineering with Mark Sellors

    Mark Sellors is the Head of Data Engineering at Mango Solutions, a UK based Data Science consultancy. He has more than a decade’s experience working with analytical computing environments, DevOps and Unix/Linux. He uses his experience to help Mango’s customers transform their analytic capabilities to ensure they can make the most of their data.

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    Episode 8: From Underwater Communication to Data Science with Chintan Shah

    Chintan is a data scientist currently working as advanced analytics manager at Avanade. He did his Ph.D. in Underwater Communication where he developed communication systems for commercial applications. He has over 10 years of R&D experience and has worked in academia, oil & gas and consultancy. He is passionate about data science and delivering projects that help companies derive actionable insights.

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    Episode 7: Building Open-Source R packages with Thomas Lin Pedersen

    Thomas is a bioinformatician, turned software engineer, who enjoys developing tools for data scientists. His main interests are in the tools that bring the scientist closer to their data, whether it be through intuitive and powerful APIs or through visualization. He describes himself as a creative spirit who enjoys photography as well as generative art and graphic design, and he tends to try and combine this with his interest in programming whenever possible. Thomas lives just north of Copenhagen with his wife and two kids.

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    Episode 6: Data Science in the Travel Industry with Ewan Nicolson

    Ewan has been working professionally with numbers and computers for the past 13 years. During the past 6 years at Skyscanner, he has seen the data team grow from 2 analysts based in Edinburgh to a global team of 25+ data scientists making a global impact.

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    Episode 5: Applied Statistics in Data Science with Christopher Peters

    Christopher Peters is a full-stack data scientist at Zapier. He was both Zapier and Treehouse's first data scientist. Prior to his work as a data scientist, he was a research associate at LSU’s Center for Energy Studies where he was an energy economist. He has a real passion for working with, sharing, visualizing and analyzing data of all kinds using statistical, visual and machine learning techniques.

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    Episode 4: AI in Retail with Saurabh Bhatnagar

    Saurabh Bhatnagar is the ex-Principal Data Scientist at Rent The Runway. He created the big-data analytics and recommendation platforms at RTR and scaled it to 30m users. RTR is now valued at $800m.

    He was involved in many personalization incentives as well as back-end fulfillment algorithms that power the business. He also pioneered AI products at RTR like image search and recommendations.

    Prior to RTR, Saurabh was founding member of the Quantitative Analyst team at Barnes & Nobles and helped it grow. His responsibilities at B&N were customer segmentation and propensity to buy models. Since 2000, he has consulted in data space for many Fortune 500 firms.

    More recently, he founded Virevol, a retail AI startup.

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    Episode 3: How to be a Social Media Data Whiz with Leni Krsova

    Leni Krsová is social media data analyst from the Czech Republic, currently based in Prague. At the beginning of her career, she worked for Czech TV, a public broadcaster in the country, as a social media editor but switched quickly from marketing to the path of data analyst. Since then she is interested more and more in data analysis of social media and online news media data with R, data privacy and academic research in these fields. She is planning to start her PhD studies in near future.

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    Episode 2: Becoming a Deep Learning Expert with Deep Narain Singh

    Deep Narain Singh is Data Scientist with specialization in machine learning and deep learning. He has extensive work experience in building NLP/Computer Vision products using AI/ML/DL. He has spent 12 years in industry working with startups and large scale companies. He holds a Master’s degree in Data Science from University Of New Haven/Galvanize and completed his undergraduate in Civil Engineering from NIT Jaipur.

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